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Pie chart of distribution of NCCAM'S research and training portfolio in Fiscal Year 1999. Research centers received approximately half while research project grants received a little less than half. Research training and career development received the rest, less than 10%.

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Column chart of NCCAM's appropriations history for Fiscal Years 1992-2003. In 1992 the Office of Alternative Medicine received $2.0 million. The amounts continued to grow, reaching $50 million in 1999, the first year for NCCAM. It is estimated it will reach $113.2 million in 2003.

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Column chart of growth in NCCAM's research and training for Fiscal Years 1999 and 2002. Research Project Grants received $10 million in 1999 and over $40 million in 2002. Research Training, Career Development, and Curriculum Awards went from a few million dollars in 1999 to approximately $12 million in 2002. Research centers received slightly over $10 million in 1999 and grew to $20 million in 2002.

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Pie chart showing estimated distribution of NCCAM's research and training for Fiscal Year 2002. Research Project Grants received the most, at more than half. While research centers received more than a quarter and Research Training and Career Development received approximately 15%. Intramural Research received the least.

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