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NCCIH’s Strategic Framework


The field of complementary and integrative health encompasses a large and diverse array of practices, products, and disciplines. To best focus its research investment, NCCIH’s strategic plan outlines a framework of three scientific and two cross-cutting objectives.

Scientific Objectives

  • Advance fundamental science and methods development.
  • Improve care for hard-to-manage symptoms.
  • Foster health promotion and disease prevention.

Cross-Cutting Objectives

  • Enhance the complementary and integrative health research workforce.
  • Disseminate objective evidence-based information on complementary and integrative health interventions. 

The top section of the diagram shows three scientific objectives, with two-way arrows connecting each to the other two. The three objectives are Advance Fundamental Science & Methods Development, Foster Health Promotion & Disease Prevention, and Improve Care for Hard-to-Manage Symptoms. The bottom section of the diagram shows two cross-cutting objectives, with one-way arrows leading up to the top section. The two objectives are Enhance Research Workforce and Disseminate Evidence-based Information.

The next page describes these objectives in more detail.

This page last modified September 24, 2017