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The Three Long-Range Goals


NCCIH has built its Strategic Plan around three long-range goals intended to:

  • Improve the state of the scientific evidence on complementary health practices
  • Increase use of that evidence
  • Shape NCCIH’s work on the evidence around the two major reasons that Americans use complementary health practices:
    • To treat health problems
    • To support or promote better health and well-being. 

GOAL 1: Advance the science and practice of symptom management.

NCCIH recognizes that symptoms matter. Many symptoms, such as chronic pain and insomnia, may be difficult to manage with conventional medicine. Evidence has suggested that some complementary health approaches may be helpful in this challenge and would be useful to study further.

GOAL 2: Develop effective, practical, personalized strategies for promoting health and well-being.

Healthy practices can benefit people in many ways. One is in reducing certain risks for major chronic diseases. Research on complementary health practices may provide insight into ways to improve well-being and promote healthier lifestyles.

GOAL 3: Enable better evidence-based decision making regarding the use of complementary health practices and their integration into health care and health promotion.

It is important to have reliable, objective, and scientific information available to help in making decisions about use of these practices. NCCIH supports not only research, but the development and sharing of this kind of information.


This page last modified January 09, 2015