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NCCIH seeks to support research on complementary and integrative health interventions across the continuum from basic and mechanistic studies through efficacy, effectiveness, or pragmatic trials.

To ensure that large-scale clinical trials produce meaningful results, it is crucial to have adequate preliminary data from basic, mechanistic, translational, and intervention refinement studies to serve as “building blocks” for trial design.

The diagram shows five circles arranged horizontally. Each has a title and an associated question.  The first circle says Basic and Mechanistic, and the accompanying question is How does it work?  The second circle says Translational, and the accompanying question is Can the biological effect be reliably measured?  The third circle says Intervention Refinement, and the accompanying question is Can the intervention be modified to enhance impact or adherence?  The fourth circle says Efficacy/Effectiveness and the accompanying question is Does it work in comparison to an appropriate control?  The fifth circle says Pragmatic Studies and Dissemination, and the accompanying question is Is it still effective when implemented in “real world” conditions?

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