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Martin H. Goldrosen, Ph.D.

Director, Division of Extramural Activities

Martin H. Goldrosen, Ph.D.

Martin H. Goldrosen, Ph.D., is NCCIH's Director of the Division of Extramural Activities (DEA). Dr. Goldrosen plans, leads, and directs the activities of scientists and technical support personnel within DEA to ensure quality, objectivity, and accountability in the grants and contracts peer review process. He also directs and coordinates activities to evaluate the overall performance of NCCIH's grant review processes and allocation of resources.

Dr. Goldrosen began his NIH career in 1991 as a health scientist administrator within the Grants Review Branch of the Division of Extramural Affairs at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). While at NCI, he was responsible for the review of grant applications in the areas of drug development and biological response modifiers. He also oversaw the Specialized Program of Research Excellence and was in charge of the NCI-D Clinical Sciences Committee, which reviews translational and clinical program pilot grants. Dr. Goldrosen provided leadership and direction in the conduct of numerous grant review committee meetings and advised Scientific Review Administrators on unique problems associated with specific grant applications. In addition, he provided interim leadership for the NCI's Research Programs Review Section and trained newly recruited Scientific Review Administrators in all facets of the review process.

Prior to joining NIH, Dr. Goldrosen was a cancer research scientist at the Roswell Park Cancer Center in New York. His research interests were in the area of tumor immunobiology. He performed the first orthotopic transplant procedure in mice, which ultimately became the standard for animal models simulating human cancer. He had administrative responsibility for several research programs within the Division of Clinical Immunology. He provided scientific leadership for basic research programs, scientific expertise in preclinical drug development studies, scientific and technical support for ongoing clinical trials. Concurrently, he was a Research Professor of Experimental Pathology at SUNY in Buffalo, New York. Dr. Goldrosen has trained dozens of doctoral and post-doctoral students who have gone on to be successful clinicians and scientists and to make important contributions to the oncology field.

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