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Biomechanics and Medical Imaging: Applying New Strategies To Answer Elusive Questions

Natcher Conference Center
National Institutes of Health
June 9–10, 2005

Linda Woodhouse, Ph.D. (Candidate), B.Sc. (P.T.), Assistant Professor, School of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario Canada

The last decade or so has seen an explosion of non-invasive biomechanical instruments and medical imaging techniques that can be used for reliable and precise measurement of in vivo biological responses (central and peripheral) in humans. In a quest to bridge the existing gap between clinical experience and science, this session will explore how advances in biomechanics and medical imaging (presented by the invited speakers) might be used to investigate the underlying biological effects of manual therapies in both animal and human models.

Our goal is to identify and prioritize key research questions in manual therapy that should benefit from the application of these new technologies. Some approaches and strategies will be presented for consideration when setting these priorities.