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A Motivation-Decision Model

Date: June 14, 2016

Dissecting GPCR signaling and neural circuits in stress behaviors

Date: May 03, 2016

Speaker: Dr. Michael Bruchas

Associate Professor
Departments of Anesthesiology
Washington University

Modeling nociception in zebrafish, from development to function.

Date: April 05, 2016

Speaker: Dr. Ajay Dhaka

Assistant Professor,
Department of Biological Structure
University of Washington

Making Novel Pain Drugs by Selectively Targeting Nav1.7 Channels with Compounds That Bind Directly To the S4 Voltage-Sensor

Date: February 02, 2016

Speaker: David Hackos

Dept. of Neuroscience
Genentech, Inc.

How Does The Brain Represent Pain? Insight from the New Concepts of a Dynamic Pain Connectome and the Pain Switch

Date: January 05, 2016

Speaker: Dr. Karen Davis

Professor, Department of Surgery and Institute of Medical Science
University of Toronto

Head, Division of Brain, Imaging and Behaviour-Systems Neuroscience
Toronto Western Research Institute
Toronto Western Hospital

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