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2006 Meetings and Workshops

Natural Products: Challenges and Opportunities

Date: Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dr. Sasisekharan’s research group is playing a central role developing tools and technologies to understand the function of cellular components called glycans. Glycans are complex sugars found on virtually every cell surface—they coat cells and regulate cell function. Science is slowly realizing the importance of these sugars to human health. In fact, the MIT team has discovered that glycans are integral to the communication between cells that causes them to divide, migrate, and die. Glycans are also found in a vast array of natural products including ginseng and chondroitin, which have been the focus of recent research by the team. During his lecture, Dr. Sasisekharan will illustrate the challenges and opportunities that arise from exploring natural products and discuss the potential of this research to improve human health.

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Multivitamin/Mineral Supplements and Chronic Disease Prevention, NIH State-of-the-Science Conference

Date: Monday, May 15, 2006 to Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The goal of the conference is to assess the evidence available on multivitamin and mineral supplements use and outcomes for chronic disease prevention in adults, and to make recommendations for future research. The first day and a half of the conference will consist of presentations by expert researchers and practitioners, and open public discussions. On May 17, the panel will present a statement and release a draft report.

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