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Upcoming Meetings and Workshops

Date Event Type of Eventsort ascending
03/12/20 Pain Seminar
04/09/20 Pain Seminar
05/14/20 Pain Seminar
06/11/20 Pain Seminar
03/24/20 Integrative Medicine
05/11/20 Integrative Medicine
06/30/20 Integrative Medicine
08/04/20 Exhibit
10/24/20 Exhibit
04/28/20 Exhibit
04/04/20 Exhibit
04/25/20 Exhibit
03/02/20 Technical Assistance Webinar
03/17/20 Technical Assistance Webinar
04/28/20 Conference/Workshop
02/19/20 Conference/Workshop
04/28/20 Conference/Workshop
04/28/20 Conference/Workshop
06/05/20 Advisory Council
09/25/20 Advisory Council

Learn More About NCCIH-Related Events

Integrative Medicine Research Lecture Series icon

Integrative Medicine Research Lecture Series

The NCCIH Integrative Medicine Research Lecture Series provides overviews of the current state of research and practice involving complementary health approaches and explores perspectives on the emerging discipline of integrative medicine.

Advisory Council Meetings icon

Advisory Council Meetings

The advisory council advises, consults with, and makes recommendations to NCCIH’s Director, on matters relating to the research activities and functions of the Center. The public is welcome to attend the open session.

>Distinguished Lecture Series icon

Distinguished Lecture Series

Leading figures in science and medicine have participated in the Distinguished Lecture series.

NCCIH Exhibits Program icon

NCCIH Preapplication Technical Assistance Webinars

Potential grant applicants can learn about specific funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) from NCCIH scientific program staff before submitting applications.

NCCIH Exhibits Program icon

NCCIH Exhibits Program

NCCIH exhibits at major scientific, research, and health-related meetings across the United States. Attendees of conferences can visit our booth to pick up literature, or to speak to an NCCIH information specialist about our programs and activities.

Live Social Media Events icon

Live Social Media Events

Join us for live online events that cover a variety of health topics and complementary approaches. An expert in scientific and health issues will be available to answer your questions.

Pain Seminar Series icon

Pain Seminar Series

The NIH Pain Seminar Series, sponsored by the NIH PAIN Special Interest Group, features presentations by national leaders in the field of pain. Seminars highlight research conducted on model organisms at the behavioral, molecular, cellular and systems levels, as well as brain imaging work in patients and healthy volunteers.

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