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Graphic representations of data from the 2010-2014 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) that relate to pain experienced by veterans vs. nonveterans.

Acupuncture and Yoga for Back Pain—A review of scientific evidence found that acupuncture and yoga may help manage back pain.

Downloadable images for review of complementary approaches for painful conditions.

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Graphic showing statistics from the National Health Interview Survey on pain in the United States.

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Charts and graphics on use of complementary health approaches in the U.S., from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey.
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This NCCIH infographic highlights the importance of chronic pain as a public health problem and explains how some complementary health approaches may help people manage it.

Infographic on fighting pain in the U.S. military. Follow link below for full text description.

There’s an unmet need for managing chronic pain with nondrug approaches among U.S. military personnel and veterans. View this NCCIH infographic to learn more.

Facts and statistics about yoga use in the United States. For full details, follow the text version link on the page.

Facts and statistics about yoga use in the United States.

This graphic shows Why NCCIH studies Complementary Health Practices.  Follow text version links provided on each section link below for full description.
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This graphic shows why NCCIH studies complementary health approaches. Follow links provided on each section link for full description.

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