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CAM Center for Epigenetic Regulation of Inflammation

University of South Carolina at Columbia
Columbia, SC
United States

This center is investigating the epigenetic pathways through which botanicals commonly used in complementary health may suppress inflammation. Epigenetic modifications of chromatin and DNA have recently been shown to play a critical role in the regulation of human pathologies, including inflammation. Thus, the concept that the effects of botanicals may be mediated through epigenetic regulation is highly innovative. The primary objective of the center is to test the overarching hypothesis that botanicals can regulate the epigenetic signaling pathways through interactions with specific receptors on immune cells to modulate gene expression leading to amelioration of inflammation. This hypothesis is being tested using four highly integrated, synergistic research projects involving resveratrol, American ginseng, indoles, and the Japanese herb Sparganium stoloniferum.

Research Area: Herbs (Botanicals)
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