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Student Research Training in Integrative, Complementary, and Altenative Medicine

University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh
School of Medicine—Physical & Rehabilitation (PM&R)
450 Technology Drive, Suite 300
Pittsburgh, PA 15219-3110
United States

The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for medical student training through mentored clinical and basic science research projects in Integrative, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine (ICAM) related projects. Given the exciting discoveries in the field of ICAM, the openness of PM&R as a field to the use of ICAM therapies, and the increasing interest of medical students in ICAM research, the ultimate goal of this project is to interest students in academic ICAM careers and translational ICAM science. The objectives are 1) A 10 week mentored research project in which students work closely with mentors to expose them to the relevance and excitement of ICAM research. 2) A didactic training program in research fundamentals that provides tools for critical literature review, analytic thinking, experience participating in ICAM therapies, and understanding of basic principles of ICAM that are needed to design and conduct successful research projects 3) guided training in concept development, study design, data collection and analysis, manuscript preparation, and abstract presentation to provide tools for performing research and learning about academic careers.


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