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Integrating CAM Into a Family Medicine Residency Program

Maine Medical Center
Department of Family Practice
22 Bramhall Street
Portland, ME 04102
United States

The Maine Medical Center sees the family care physician as a key gatekeeper to CAM treatment for many. Consequently, its R25 program seeks to improve the training and experience of its family practice residents. The 30-month program will design and implement a curriculum that emphasizes the principles, safe use, appropriate referral procedures for selected CAM therapies, and effective communication with patients and local CAM providers regarding CAM choices. The Maine Medical Center is developing the skills and knowledge of four physician residency faculty in acupuncture, manipulative therapies, herbal remedies/homeopathy, and mind-body interventions, collaborates with local CAM providers for teaching and practice purposes.


This page last modified September 24, 2017