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CAM Curriculum Project

University of Minnesota
420 Delaware St SE, MMC 505
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States

The CAM Curriculum Project was a multifaceted, faculty-driven approach to the integration of CAM throughout the curricula of the University of Minnesota’s Medical School, School of Nursing, College of Pharmacy and other units within the Academic Health Center. The grant also supported an expansion of the graduate minor in complementary therapies and healing practices. In addition to focusing on didactic, clinical and experiential learning, the project also funded development of on-line CAM modules that are extensively accessed by faculty and students at the University and are used in various courses as required or supplemental information. Over the duration of this five year curriculum grant, the University of Minnesota created the capacity and competence to both sustain the curricular efforts that were funded under the grant and developed numerous educational resources that can be readily used by other institutions intending to integrate CAM into their curricula. The on-line resources are now available to other universities and the public and may be accessed on the Center’s website.


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