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CAM Curriculum at the University of Washington

University of Washington
Department of Family Medicine, Box 356390
Seattle, WA 98195
United States

The University of Washington CAM Curriculum seeks to broaden our students’ knowledge of CAM therapies and their ability to effectively communicate with patients about CAM practices. In addition to developing a required curriculum for medical students that incorporates evidence-based CAM modalities and new CAM electives, the University of Washington is creating opportunities for our students to interact with CAM students and practitioners. Medical students will learn from our CAM colleagues different approaches to doctor-patient communication. The Curriculum’s interdisciplinary approach emphasizes collegial relationship and learning between conventional and complementary faculty and students. A CAM preceptorship, brown bag lunch meetings – “the CAM Café” and an active student interest group have been supported through the grant. Special emphasis has been placed on self-care for medical and nursing students with a Mind-Body Skills Training elective. Faculty development through half-day seminars, informational written communications and the initiation of a Faculty Scholars Program in Integrative Medicine are also part of the UW CAM grant activities.


This page last modified September 24, 2017