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Chronic Low-Back Pain Research Standards

December 12, 2014
Josephine P. Briggs, M.D.
Josephine P. Briggs, M.D.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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Several leading back pain journals have now published recommendations from the NIH Pain Consortium’s Task Force on Research Standards for Chronic Low-Back Pain. Earlier this year, Dr. Partap Khalsa blogged about these recommended standards and the challenges of comparing studies and pooling data without such standards.  

The development of a uniform minimal dataset is a major step to driving strong science around low-back pain. We are hopeful that these research standards will help ensure that the science can be translated into better clinical care.

In this video clip, Dr. Rick Deyo, co-chair of the task force, shares his hope for the impact of the recommended standards for chronic low-back pain research.


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