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May 17, 2012
Josephine P. Briggs, M.D.
Josephine P. Briggs, M.D.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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Welcome to NCCAM’s new Research Blog. I am excited to have a new place for a dialogue about the complex and interesting issues surrounding the research that the Center is supporting.

We face some complex challenges. Like all of the NIH, our mission is to conduct the highest quality biomedical research to improve the health of the Nation. NCCAM’s special charge is to bring rigorous science to the broad array of health practices that have arisen from outside of mainstream medicine. This covers a lot of tough territory! Not surprisingly the conversation about complementary and alternative health practices has often become polarized, with competing views about what makes good sense. I hope to use this blog as a place for a conversation about these challenges.

NCCAM has a strong scientific staff who will also contribute perspectives and common sense insights into the research we are supporting and write about some of the interesting things our investigators are finding. A major focus for our research enterprise is advancing the science and practice of symptom management. In particular, we see opportunities for our research to have a real impact on the management of chronic pain, a topic I plan to discuss a great deal.

I am very proud of the robust and comprehensive information available on our Web site—including our strategic plan outlining our major areas of research focus; our library of health information for consumers, our research spotlights, our resources for the research community, our health care provider and safety portals, and more. We hope you will use these materials and give us your input to ensure they are providing the information the public needs for informed decision making.

We plan to blog at least every other week. We hope you will join us and add your comments to the topics at hand (please read our comment policy). Along with the blog posts, you can receive updates from NCCAM through our bi-weekly e-mail newsletter, RSS feeds, Facebook, and Twitter.

Our work presents some unique challenges as well as exciting opportunities, and we are looking forward to exploring these with you and reading your comments and feedback.


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Very excited about this blog and looking forward to starting dialogues

Very interesting indeed can’t wait to see more and I will review the information you have suggested.

No doubt this is very encourging step taken by NCCAM, in view of researchers to post their comments and suggestions around the world.

Dr. Briggs, in Oct. 2010 my friend and I went to a conference in Vermont attended by many of the naturopaths licensed here as primary care physicians. Senator Bernie Sanders sponsored the conference. We attended a workshop you gave in which I spoke up and explained that my friend and I have generalized argyria, skin discolored by silver, and that we were very concerned because colloidal silver and silver for IV use were included in the state sanctioned VT Naturopathic Formulary. Physician Formulary 20091211.pdf [pdf download]

We were also very disturbed by the way the naturopaths had ignored my concerns when I told them about them.

Silver is still in the formulary although the state bureaucrats who regulate NDs have assured the legislators that they will no longer permit them to use it internally. They just passed a bill that will eliminate the formulary and grant NDs the same prescription privileges MDs have. Research is wonderful. Providing information as NCCAM has done on topics including silver supplements is great. But there is a major piece missing. No one is watching the store. No one is watching to make sure that alternative practitioners know about what has gone before them and that they refrain from using, promoting and selling dangerous snake oil like silver. I’d love to see you address this serious lack of oversight.

Thanks to NCCAM’s Research Blog. I read the complex challenges of Josephine P. Briggs, M.D. Before I didn’t know NCCAM scientific staff, I want to know more, I will visit again.
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Definitely a great site, and I can see it being the next big resource for bloggers. Great job you guys, keep it up.

I think the work of NCCAM is very important!
Every research investment regarding ways to fight pain and bring relief to suffering people must be encouraged. This blog is a great way to share information about it.

Ruben Couto

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I want to ask about the studies that exist on this website, is there a book that explains more about what’s on the web? 

I think the work of NCCAM is very important!.I love this site and wil visit again and again to find some information i need.Thanks 

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