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Selected Research Results by Date

Research spotlights of selected studies are shown below. For a full list of published NCCIH Research to-date, see PubMed.

Spotlights for 2007

To address inconsistencies in previous studies and to determine if there are effects of moderate tea drinking on cardiovascular risk factors, a randomized clinical trial was conducted. (October 2007)
Female medical student in a classroom.
The October 2007 issue of the journal Academic Medicine, published by the American Association of Medical Colleges, highlights the results of 15 Education Project Grants funded by NCCAM. (October 2007)
Researchers recently announced the results of an NCCAM and National Cancer Institute co-funded clinical trial showing that a shark cartilage supplement did not improve the overall survival of patients with lung ... (June 2007)
A woman Meditating during a yoga class.
Attempt to determine if intensive mental training through meditation could extend the brain’s limits on information processing results. (June 2007)
A close up of acupuncture needles applied to an ear.
A pilot study shows that acupuncture may help people with posttraumatic stress disorder. (June 2007)
Women perform a tai chi exercise.
Tai chi may be a safe alternative to conventional exercise for maintaining bone mineral density (BMD) in postmenopausal women. (May 2007)
Tai Chi
The study is the first rigorous clinical trial to suggest that a behavioral intervention, alone or together with a vaccine, can help protect older adults from the varicella virus, which causes both chickenpox and ... (April 2007)
Young woman being weighed in at the scale.
The very low carbohydrate diet known as the Atkins diet may contribute to greater weight loss than higher carbohydrate plans without negative effects such as increased cholesterol. (March 2007)
Garlic does not appear to lower ‘bad” cholesterol (February 2007)