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Selected Research Results by Date

Research spotlights of selected studies are shown below. For a full list of published NCCIH Research to-date, see PubMed.

Spotlights for 2012

Woman holding stomach in pain.
Results of a study supported in part by NCCAM suggest that a brief group therapy intervention—including education, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and basic relaxation techniques—may ease symptoms and improv (December 2012)
Man meditating during sunrise
Results of an NCCAM-funded study suggest that 8 weeks of meditation may have an effect on brain function that persists even when someone is not meditating. (November 2012)
Small white pills spill from a brwon tube.
Researchers have identified a potential genetic marker of placebo response, according to a new NCCAM-funded study published in the journal PLoS. (October 2012)
An older african american woman.
Hypnosis may be effective for menopause-related hot flashes (October 2012)
The Temporomandibular Joint, Open
Traditional Chinese medicine may provide short-term pain relief for temporomandibular disorders (TMD), according to a new study. (October 2012)
Woman lying on bed looking at clock
Melatonin supplements may help improve sleep in people with high blood pressure (hypertension) who take beta-blockers, according to a recent randomized controlled study. (October 2012)
Practitioner applies acupuncture needles to a patient's shoulder.
Acupuncture may help with chronic pain. (September 2012)
Illustration of a head with a bright light bursting from the forehead.
Placebo and nocebo responses may occur without conscious awareness of the triggering cues. (September 2012)
Milk Thistle
In a recent study, higher-than-usual doses of silymarin did not provide greater benefit than placebo for the treatment of hepatitis in patients with chronic hepatitis C who previously failed to respond to standard... (July 2012)
People in a meditative pose during a class on mats.
According to a recent study, exercising or practicing meditation may be effective in reducing acute respiratory infections. (July 2012)
Two Women of differing ages stand side by side.
Soy protein supplements containing isoflavones, in an amount within the upper range of traditional Asian diets, had no effect on global cognition in postmenopausal women, according to a recent study published in the... (July 2012)
Woman sneezing
Previous research has shown that people who are under chronic stress are more likely to catch colds. (April 2012)
X-ray of a joint.
A recent study found that a 60-minute “dose” of Swedish massage therapy delivered once a week for pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee was both optimal and practical, establishing a standard for use in future research. (February 2012)
A woman practices yoga.
Yoga may help women quit smoking, according to results of a pilot study that researchers say is the first to examine yoga’s effect on smoking cessation. (February 2012)
Doctor speaking to elderly man.
Specific dietary patterns may protect aging brains. (January 2012)
A woman holds her neck in pain
Spinal manipulation or home exercise instruction is more effective than medication in relieving neck pain. (January 2012)
A close up of an acupuncture model with a docotor in the background.
In a laboratory study, researchers found that electroacupuncture was able to affect a key stress response in rats—by blocking a sympathetic pathway that is stimulated during chronic stress. (January 2012)
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