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Time to Talk

Health Care Providers: Order or Download Your Free Toolkit

As part of the Time To Talk campaign, NCCIH has developed a toolkit of educational materials for you, your staff, and your patients.

Call 1-888-644-6226 and use reference code D392.

Each toolkit contains:

  • Backgrounder PDF 1 Backgrounder: The backgrounder provides information about the importance of health care providers and their patients talking about complementary health practices.

    Download PDF

  • Poster PDF 2 Posters: Posters are 12.5” by 19.5” and are intended to be hung in exam and waiting rooms.


  • ASK tip sheet PDF 5 ASK tip sheets (for providers): For your office staff, this sheet provides tips for talking with patients.

    Download PDF

  • TELL tip sheet PDF 5 TELL tip sheets (for patients): For your patients, this sheet provides tips for talking with health care providers.

    Download PDF

  • Patient wallet card PDF 20 Patient wallet cards: For your patients, these cards will help to keep track of all medications, including dietary supplements and other complementary health products, and will be a handy reference during office visits.

    Download PDF

  • Resource post card PDF 10 Resource post cards: For your office staff, these postcards provide information about online resources available through the NCCIH Web site.

    Download PDF

  • Free Images: Download images related to the Time to Talk campaign and patient-provider interaction. Each image has a high-resolution version at 300dpi and a low-resolution version at 72dpi available for download. View images »