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Division of Extramural Research

You may find it helpful to discuss your proposed research with a staff member prior to submitting a grant application.

Scientific Questions

The most efficient method to get the best answer to your question is to prepare a short description of your question, or if the question concerns the appropriateness of a research project, formulate a short description of the project and email it to the most appropriate program director (refer to specific interest areas). This will allow the program director the time needed to provide you with the most informed answer to your question. It also provides an efficient means for the parties to schedule a teleconference for an in-depth discussion when required.

General Questions

If you have general questions about NCCIH, please contact the NCCIH Clearinghouse at

Clinical Research Branch:

Basic and Mechanistic Research Branch:

Office Director: Emmeline Edwards, Ph.D.
Phone: 301-594-7102

Deputy Director: Partap S. Khalsa, D.C., Ph.D.
Phone: 301-594-3462

Have a Scientific Question? Use this form to Contact the Division of Extramural Research