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Hello From NCCIH's New Leadership Team

December 07, 2017
NCCIH Research Blog Team

Hello from NCCIH’s new leadership team! In this message, Acting Director David Shurtleff and Acting Deputy Director Wendy Weber introduce themselves and highlight NCCIH’s research interests and resources.


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Look forward to continued and improved great work.   Help focus in on Opioids, most all addiction treatments & chronic pain.  They are related.  Types of mindful awareness, outside getting stuck in a thought in the head can be most useful; along with attention to a relaxed breath, some exercise, body scan doing tense & release, and being with like minded people who’s energy spirals up.    Incorporating these techniques, on there own or in yoga that focuses in on this type of thing can enhance patient outcomes AND save healthcare costs too!!  Low hanging fruit!   Along with healthy nutrition , relaxation and positive thinking and meditation.  

I am so grateful to see what is happening. CAM offers massive opportunities to improve health and reverse chronic disease. We need mechanism of action and clinical research in these areas. Pain is such a massive problem and poor ability to truly heal people contributes to the opioid addiction problem. We need to approach pain research not just from pain suppression, but from a goal of improved healing. Veterinarians may be able to contribute to a truly translational, OneHealth effort. Have a happy holiday season. We wish you a productive new year. 

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