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Selected Publications of Dominik Mischkowski, Ph.D.

  • Burson A, Crocker J, Mischkowski D. Two types of value-affirmation: Implications for self-control following social exclusion. Social Psychological and Personality Science. 2012;3(4), 510–516.
  • Crocker J, Niiya Y, Mischkowski D. Why does writing about important values reduce defensiveness? Self-affirmation and the role of positive other-directed feelings. Psychological Science. 2008;19(7), 740–747.
  • Mischkowski D, Kross E, Bushman BJ. Flies on the wall are less aggressive: Self-distancing “in the heat of the moment” reduces aggressive thoughts, angry feelings and aggressive behavior. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. 2012;48(5), 1187–1191.
  • Niiya Y, Crocker J, Mischkowski D. Compassionate and Self-Image Goals in the United States and Japan. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. 2013;44(3):389-405.

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